Brain Freeze

A super fun kids strategy game filled with twists, turns and ice cream treats. Sweet!

Like Guess Who meets Battleship.

Players race to guess opponent's secret square. Each player has a gameboard and privacy shield for exciting head-to-head action.

Keep Kids
Mentally Sharp

Brain Freeze is an ideal game to introduce strategy, logic and deduction to younger kids in a fun manner they'll enjoy. Little do they know, there is real logic behind the ice-cream sandwich, snow cone, and milkshake.

Strategy Game

"Brain Freeze is one of the best games I have ever seen to teach kids logic and deduction."

-Dan King
(aka Game boy Geek & serious boardgame reviewer)

Brings families together.

Parents, grandparents and kids all agree, Brain Freeze is a hit.


"Five Stars"

"Great to see dad and grandson playing games together. And having so much fun."


"Fun for all ages!"

"Great fun and develops deductive reasoning and notation skills. It's fun for all ages! I'm taking it with me to visit my other set of grandkids for a few days."
-L. Green


"They loved it."

"Just bought this game for my grandkids who are 8 and 10. They loved it. it is a more advanced version of guess who."
-R Kasian

I know what you're thinking!

Brain Freeze is only $25 with FREE US Shipping.

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